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PROMO - DEMO - NOT FOR SALE - MUSTER (= Promo or Not For Sale)

U.S.A. Releases
Demo LONDON (yellow/orange, black and white, or white)
45LON 9594    Like I've Never Been Gone / Because Of Love
45LON 6915    When Will You Say I Love You / Don't Walk Away
45LON 6975    I Will / What Am I Living For
45LON 9740    I'm Lost Without you / Go Ahead And Ask Her
Promo/Not For Sale PARROT (orange)
PAR 9692 It´s Only Make Believe / Baby What You Want Me Do To (PROMO - without ´Parrot´on label)
PAR 9692 It´s Only Make Believe / Baby What You Want Me Do To (NOT FOR SALE - with ´Parrot´on label)
Demo/Promo UNITED ARTISTS (white)
UA 968           In Thoughts Of You / Away From You
UA 50,061      Give Me Your Word / She's So Far Out She's In

Promo MALA (yellow)
595  Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt / Baby Do You Love Me

Italy Releases
Viatata la vendita DECCA (white)
F 11701  In Summer / I´ll Never Fall In Love Again

Germany Releases
Muster DECCA (white)
DL 25053  Halfway To Paradise / Cross My Heart
DL 25119  In Summer / I`ll Never Fall In Love Again
Muster DECCA (white)
6.14906 Big Hit Series  Halfway To Paradise / + Eden Kaine (P.S.)
Muster ODEON (green with sticker on label)
23719  Beyond the Shadow Of A Doubt / Baby Do You love Me  - (P.S.)
Muster ELECTROLA (Odeon) - white - with Company Sticker on label
23719  Beyond the Shadow Of A Doubt / Baby Do You love Me  - (P.S.)
Muster DECCA (red with sticker on label)
BLK 16298-9 Die grosse Star- und Schlagerparade 1964 (various artists - B.F. ´Hippy Hippy Shake´)
Muster DECCA (white)
ND 767 Halfway To Paradise

Acetates - there are also some of promotion acetates with (previously) unreleased tracks of Billy Fury:
e.g. Heartbeat, My Baby Left Me, Please Love Me (1998 released on CD), Communication, River And The Sun, Rright Or Wrong etc.

Germany - Informationsplatten (Information-Records) L.P.´s with various artists from various companies for promotion in radio-stations for new released 45´s (sleeves carrying only the name of the  artists, titles and the record numbers), Billy Fury appears  between 1962 - 66 on some of that with songs like: ´Play It Cool´, ´Like I've Never Been Gone´,´Hippy Hippy Shake´ etc.

Holland(?) L.P.
BOP STAR (1976)
Bop Star 001 -
´The Sound Of Billy Fury´ - Don´t Knock Upon My Door - Margo - That´s Love - My Advice - Phone Call - You Don´t Know - Turn My Back On you  /  Don´t Say It´s Over - Since You´ve Been Gone - It´s You I Need - Allright Goodbye - Don´t Leave Me This Way - Don´t Worry - Talking In My Sleep (BOOTLEG)

USA(?!) EP
MISEP 001 Gonna Type A Letter / Don´t Knock Upon My Door - Running Around - Do You Really Love Me Too? (BOOTLEG) released with two various coloured sleeve photos: black (big hole centre) or blue (LP centre + inner sleeve)
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