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DECCA  LF 1329 (10"LP)  - The Sound Of Fury
Ace Of Clubs ACL 1047  -
Billy Fury
Ace Of Clubs ACL 1083  -
Halfway To Paradise
DECCA LK 4533  - 
Billy  ( released in 2 label-variants - Mauve and Red)
DECCA LK   4548  - 
We Want Billy  (live  -  MONO - Mauve label)
DECCA SLK 4548  -
We Want Billy  (same as above but in STEREO - Blue label
DECCA LK   4677  - 
I´ve Got A Horse
Ace Of Clubs ACL 1229  - 
Best Of Billy Fury
DECCA SPA 188  - 
World Of Billy Fury (released in 3 label-variants, Lightblue, Blue and DECCA TAB Style)
RONCO MR 2002/3  -  That´ll Be The Day  - Various artists - 5 tracks by B.F.:
                                     ´A Thousand Stars´(diff.  to F 11311), ´Long Live Rock´, ´That´s All Right Mama,
                                    ´What Did I Say´, Get Yourself Together (diff. to The Missing Years (LP) version.) .
DECCA DPA 3303/4  -  The Billy Fury Story  - Double Album incl. previously unreleased:
                                       Decca material - ´Kansas City´ and ´Candy Kisses´
K-Tel NE 1030  -  Billy Fury - The Golden Years ( Hit material new recorded 1983 )
DECCA SPA 575  - 
World Of Billy Fury Vol.2 (released in 3 label-variants, Lightblue, Blue and DECCA TAB Style)

DECCA DPA 3037/8  - 
They Called It Rock n´ Roll  - Various artists 4 tracks by Billy Fury
                                       incl. previously unreleased: Decca material - ´I Got Someone
DECCA LFT 1329 (10"LP)  - 
The Sound Of Fury (Re of LF 1329)
DECCA TAB 37  -  Hit Parade (relased in 3 label-variants: DECCA: TAB Style ROCK ECHOES, TAB Style and Mauve)
DAKOTA OTA 1001  - 
Heroes And Villains  - Various artists, incl. ´Wondrous Place´ ( version 4 )
DECCA TAB 62  - 
We Want Billy (Re of SKL 4548)
The One And Only
K-Tel NE 1227  - 
Memories (Re of K-Tel NE 1030)
RED BUS BUSLP 1003  -  The Missing Years (released with black & white photo sheet inside) 
                                           Parlophone material incl. Previously unreleased:
                                          ´Fascinating Candle Flame´ (diff. to WB 16402), ´She Loves Somebody´, ´Paper
                                          Airoplanes´., ´Do My Best For You´, ´Spider And The Fly´, ´Halfway To Paradise´ (diff. to
                                          F 11349), ´I Saw The Light´, ´Let Me Go My Way´, ´Break My Heart In Two´ , ´Woundrous
                                          Place´( version 3 ) , ´Bye - Bye´ ( diff. to R 5788).
Note: Print error on cover and label ´Lady´  is in real ´One Minute Women´.
                                          The  Sound is dull and cannot be compared to the original Parlophone 45´s.
MAGNUM MFLP 1027  -  Loving You   -  Parlophone material + previously unreleased:
                                          ´Sheila´,´Maybe Baby´, ´Lazy Life´, ´I´m Gonna Love You Too´, ´In My Room´ ,´Well Alright´,
                                           ´I Love You´, ´Lyanna´. ´Your Words´ (diff. to POSP 558)
: same sound problems as on the album ´The Missing Years´.
SEA FOR MILES SEE 32  -  The Other Side (Only flip sides of  Decca 45´s)
MAGNUM MFLP 2029  - 
Sticks N´ Stones   -  Parlophone material + previously unreleased:
                                          ´Sticks N´ Stones´(studio vers.), ´Driving Nicely´, ´Going Back To Germany´, ´Come Outside  And
                                          Play´, ´Get Yourself Together´ (diff. to RONCO MR 2002/3), ´I´ll Go Along With It´,  ´Easy
                                          Living´, ´Day By Day´, ´Dreaming Of St. Louis´.
Note: same sound problems as on the album ´The Missing Years´.
SEA FOR MILES SEE 59  -  The EP Collection
The Collection (Double Album)
K-Tel ONE 1354  - 
The Best Of Billy Fury (Re of K-Tel 1030)
DERAM  Decca 8205301  - 
Hit Parade (Re of TAB 37 - same Label, but new cover design )
BGO LP17  - 
Billy (Re of LK 4533)
BGO LP18  - 
Billy Fury (Re of ACE 1047)
BGO LP19  - 
Halfway To Paradise (Re of ACL 1083)
DECCA LF 1329 (10"LP)  -  The Sound Of Fury ( 2nd Re of LF 1329) (1960 - 2000)

Note:  There are also a lot of compilations albums that have some tracks by Billy Fury but the songs concerned are all numbers that are featured on one of the above records.
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