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UK - Releases
Testpressing DECCA (white)  Margo, Don't Go
All regular 45´s was also released as DEMO copies ( some as one-sided copies )

one-sided Demo DECCA (blue)
DRX 25282  Maybe Tomorrow
DRX 25283  Gonna Type A Letter
DRX 25787  Don't Knock Upon My Door
DRF 25788  Margo
DRF 26526  Last Kiss
DRX 26527  My Christmas Prayer
DRX 2683    Angel Face
DRX 26282  Time Has Come
DR   26693   Colette
DR   26694   Baby How I Cried
DR   26933   Alright Goodbey
DRF 26934   That´s Love
DR   26937   You Don`t Know
DR   27243   Wondrous Place

Note: Several Demo copies are knowing with black/white photo copy P.S. and some of that carrying a fan club address from Nottingham. Probably made from this Fan Club in own production.
DECCA has also made some coupling Demo copies e.g.: ´That´s Love´ and Bob Azzam - ´Mustapha´

Demo PARLOPHONE (light-green/ white)
All regular 45´s was also released as DEMO copies.
Note: There exist also a copy of ´ Hurting Is Loving ´ with imprint on label ´ Radio City's ´. Some of regular releases was used as PROMO with a  NOT FOR SALE  sticker on label.

Promo FURY
FY 301 Will The Real Man Please Stand Up / At This Stage

Not For Sale WARNER BROS (white)
WM K 16402  I´ll Be Your Sweetheart / Fascinating Candle Flame

Promo DAKOTA (Promo sticker on label)
DAK 8 Single Heros / (´Wondrous Place´- various artists)

INTERVIEW DISC (10" LP) Billy Fury in interview with Stuart Colman (limited edition )
Released in a plain white cardboard sleeve with a sticker carrying the title.
Between the interview 5 songs by B.F.: ´Margo´, ´Turn My Back On You´, ´Thats Love´,
´Halfway To Paradise´, ´Love Or Money´.

Demo DECCA ( testpressing )
DRL 4799/4800 Sound Of Fury
ARL 5187/88     Halfway To Paradise

The One And Only

Demo DECCA (white testpressing)
We Want Billy

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